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LG 60LF6300 vs 60LF6100 : Which Model is Better Choice?

Maybe you are asking whether any new 60-Inch Smart TV with Full HD resolution are available from 2015 TV lineup as there’re more 4K UHD TV are released by TV manufacturers. The answer to that question is for sure..

Sony KDL48R510C vs KDL48W600B : Do You Need to Choose the Newer?

As the 4K UHD resolution become more popular, TV manufacturers tend to release 4K UHD TV on their new lineup instead of 1080p Full HD TV. Sony KDL48R510C is one of the new 1080p Full HD TV introduced by Sony..

Vizio M60-C3 vs P602ui-B3 : What’s New on Vizio M60-C3?

Vizio as one of the most popular TV brands in the US have begun releasing their 4K UHD TV from last year with the P-Series model. Earlier this year, Vizio decided to bring their popular M-Series model to go with..

Samsung UN65JU7500 vs UN65JU7100 : Which is Better Choice for You?

Talking about 65-Inch Smart 4K UHD TV, Samsung UN65JU7500 and Samsung UN65JU7100 are two choices that you should consider from Samsung’s 2015 TV lineup. Samsung UN65JU7500 is positioned as the top model for 65-Inch curved Smart 4K UHD TV below Samsung..

Vizio E70-C3 vs E700i-B3 : Any Reason to Choose the New Model?

When you are looking for larger screen Full HD TV, there’re just limited choice from 2015 new model. One of the choice is Vizio E70-C3. Vizio E70-C3 is the newer model of Vizio E700i-B3 from Vizio’s 2014 TV lineup. Vizio..

Samsung UN55J6300 vs UN55J6200 : What’s Their Differences?

If you still prefer 1080p Full HD as your 55-Inch TV resolution, then you should consider to take a look at Samsung UN55J6300 and Samsung UN55J6200 for your 55-Inch Smart TV. Samsung UN55J6300 is the top model for 55-Inch..

LG 55LF6300 vs 55LB6300 : What’s the New Improvement?

LG 55LF6300 and LG 55LB6300 are the newer and older model for 55-Inch Smart Full HD TV. Although LG 55LF6300 is the replacement model of the older LG 55LB6300, they are actually positioned differently. LG 55LF6300 is currently the top choice..

Sony KDL40R510C vs KDL40W600B : Is the Newer Better?

As the increasing popularity of 4K UHD resolution, Full HD resolution become rarer nowadays. If you are still interested in 40-Inch Smart Full HD TV, then you should consider KDL40R510C and KDL40W600B from Sony. Sony KDL40R510C is coming as part of Sony’s..

Samsung UN75JU7100 vs UN75JU6500 : What You Should Know?

If you are looking for larger screen Smart 4K UHD TV, then Samsung UN75JU7100 and Samsung UN75JU6500 as two options from Samsung are two choices that must be considered. They are both introduced as 75-Inch flat Smart 4K UHD TV..

Sony XBR65X850C vs XBR65X850B : What’s New on XBR65X850C?

Talking about 65-Inch Smart 4K UHD TV in 2015, We should mention Sony XBR65X850C as one of the option. It’s released earlier by Sony compared the other model as replacement of the older Sony XBR65X850B that’s getting excellent customers’..

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